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IDBM Impact

Exploring interdisciplinarity.
May 19, 2017 in Helsinki, Finland


Blurring boundaries.

Welcome to IDBM Impact, a one-day conference exploring opportunities of interdisciplinary collaboration for creating real-world impact. Discussion-sparking, interactive panels, as well as, insightful innovation project pitches will open room to explore how interdisciplinary collaboration opens new ways to shape the future.

The event marks the focal point of the academic year for students of the International Design Business Management program at Aalto University and provides a platform to come together, connect, and exchange ideas with alumni, industry experts, and faculty.

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Creating memories.

Valkoinen Sali, a historical venue for a memorable event in the heart of Helsinki.


Sparking discussion.

IDBM innovation projects roundup

IDBM students share insights, learnings and stories of their six-month long innovation projects.


Empowering change in organisations — open panel

How do organisations transform business models, value chains and internal structures to stay competitive in rapidly changing market environments? The panel provides insights from a corporate, research and entrepreneurial point of view.

Ville Eloranta

Ville Eloranta
Postdoctoral Researcher
Aalto University

Marjukka Mäkelä

Marjukka Mäkelä
Manager, Industrial & UX Design

Tuukka Ylälahti
Co-founder & CEO


Design as critical practice — open panel

Design has been hailed as a core competence for driving change and staying competitive. How does that affect the understanding of the term design and what does it entail in a post-industrial world?

Ramia Mazé

Ramia Mazé
Professor 'New Frontiers in Design'
Aalto University

Juho Kinnunen

Juho Kinnunen
Business Designer


İdil Gaziulusoy
Assistant Professor, Sustainable Design
Aalto University

Arja Karhumaa

Arja Karhumaa
Graphic Designer & Lecturer, Department of Media
Aalto University


Growing organisations that last — open panel

It has long been said that "culture eats strategy for breakfast". What defines a winning organisational culture and how does it need to be transformed for companies to stay competitive in a global marketplace?

Niina Nurmi

Niina Nurmi
IDBM Program Director
Aalto University

Katarina Segerstahl.png

Katarina Segerståhl
Head of Strategic Design

Mikko Teerenhovi
Head of Product & Design


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09:15 Doors open

10:00 Welcome address
10:15 IDBM innovation projects roundup
11:00 IDBM project exhibition

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Panel, Pushing for change in organisations.
14:45 Panel, Design as critical practice.
16:00 Panel, Growing organisations that last.

17:30 Wrap-up

20:00 After party @Rusty Bar, Kanavaranta 7



About IDBM

International Design Business Management is an interdisciplinary master's program at Aalto University.

Since 1995, IDBM offers challenge based learning around the fields of management, business modeling, and product and service design. Students of the program develop the skillset necessary to manage interdisciplinary teams dealing with complex challenges.